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Magnifiers with ErgoTouchTM Grip

BL Ergo Touch


Catalog Numbers: M813376, M813304, M813305


Featuring stabilizing edge for two-hand positioning and an ErgoTouch grip molded to fit your hand. Additional benefits include: Extra-wide field of vision (available in round or rectangular), Precision acrylic lens, and High-power inset lenses for detailed viewing.


Item #   Bausch & Lomb Product   Replacement Item #   Replacement Product
M813304   Bausch & Lomb 2X Hand-Held Round Magnifier (4")      M5249     COIL Windsor 2.3X Hand-Held 98mm (Clear)
M813305   Bausch & Lomb 2X Hand-Held Round Magnifier (5")   SG14   Carson SUREGRIP
M813376   Bausch & Lomb 2X Hand-Held Rectangular Mag (2"x4")   MH3   Mattingly SmartMag® 3X Non-Illuminated Hand-Held Magnifier



Bar Magnifiers


Magna-Bar Magnifier (5.25")


catalog Number M812617

Magna-Rule Magnifier(10")


catalog Number M812618
Item #   Bausch & Lomb Product   Replacement Item #   Replacement Product
M812617   Magna-Bar (5.25")   MR25   Carson MAGNIREAD
M812618   Magna-Rule (10")   M104010   1.5X (9") Bar Magnifier with Yellow Line
M812619   Bausch & Lomb 2X Lighted Bar Magnifier   MR15   Carson MAGNIBAR
M2200   Magna-Thin Credit Card Magnifier   WM-01   Carson Wm-01 Credit Card-size Magnifier With 6x Spot Lens



Popular Magnifiers


Magna-Page Magnifier 2x

Full page magnifier. Specially designed fresnel lenses. Optical grade acrylic provides optimum image quality. Protective case included.
Catalog Number M819007

Hands-Free Magnifier

Large 4" x 5" lens provides extra-large viewing area. 2x power optical-grade acrylic plastic lens is crystal clear and distortion-free. Covers most book page widths or two newspaper columns.
Catalog Number M813390

Folding Lighted Magnifier 2" x 4"

Folding handle swings in and out for easy storage. Built-in light and popular 2" x 4", 2X lens enables reading in low-light conditions. Protective storage case and batteries included
Order Number M819013


  Item #   Bausch & Lomb Product   Replacement Item #   Replacement Product
  M819007   2X Magna-Page Magnifier      Mpage     Carson 2x Page Magnifier
  M813390   2X Hands-Free Magnifier   MEZ875   Donegan#EZY-875 0.75X/3D Ezy-Mag Hands-Free Magnifier
  M819013   2X Folding Lighted Magnifier (2”x4”)   SV2X3LED   2x3" LED Lighted Rectangular Magnifier



Folding Pocket Magnifiers


Lens folds easily into protective case fore easy storage. Excellent for hobbies and crafts, such as model building, coin and stamp collecting, and sewing.

Pocket Magnifiers (Single Lens Model)

Optical quality glass lens with 4x power magnification.
2.5" Focal Distance, 4X power, 16D, 36.0 mm lens diameter.
Order Numbers M812354, M812605, M813133

Pocket Magnifiers (Two-Lens Model)

M812363: 3x to 7x power. Focal distance: 3.3" to 1.4". 37.0 mm lens diameter.
M812364: 4x to 9x power. Focal distance: 2.5" to 1.1". 23.0 mm lens diameter.
M812365 5x to 12x power. Focal distance: 2.0" to .8". 20.3 mm lens diameter.

Pocket Magnifiers (Three-Lens Models)

Seven different powers are available with the three-lens models.
5x to 20x power has a focal distance of 2.0" to .5" and a 20.3 mm (2) 15.2 mm (1) lens diameter.
Order Number M812367


  Item # Bausch & Lomb Product Replacement Item # Replacement Product
  M812354 4X Folding Pocket Magnifier MP904 Donegan Single Pocket 4X Folding Magnifier
  M812363 3X–7X Folding Pocket Magnifier MP937 Donegan Double Pocket 3x, 4x or 7x Folding Magnifier
  M812364 4X–9X Folding Pocket Magnifier MP949 Donegan Double Pocket 4x, 5x or 9x Folding Magnifier
  M812365 5X-12X Folding Pocket Magnifier MTV15 Carson Pocket swivel-out 5X, 10X, 15X Loupe(30mm)
  M812367 5X–20X Folding Pocket Magnifier MTV15 Carson Pocket swivel-out 5X, 10X, 15X Loupe(30mm)
  M812605 Bausch & Lomb 2X Attached Case Magnifier MV906 Donegan 2.5X/10D Pocket Magnifier
  M813133 Bausch & Lomb 5X Packette Magnifier MP705 Donegan 5X Slide-Out Pocket Magnifier (Plastic Case)



Eyeglass Loupes


ClassicMetal™ Eyeglass Loupes

B&L Loupes

Order Numbers: L814117, L814127, L814137, L814147, L814178, L814179
The Classic Metal™ Eyeglass Loupes are made with precision optical glass and designed for a secure fit so these eyeglass loupes are ideal for any kind of detail work. Mounts easily to either side of eyeglasses and include a Side-Shield Adapter Kit for use with safety glasses. Custom-fit storage case included.


Item #   Bausch & Lomb Product   Replacement Item #   Replacement Product
L814117   3X Classic Eyeglass Clip-on Loupe   LELS35   Donegan Eyeglass Loupe 3X (24MM)
L814127   4X Classic Eyeglass Clip-on Loupe   LELS25   Donegan Eyeglass Loupe 4X (24MM)
L814137   5X Classic Eyeglass Clip-on Loupe   LELS2   Donegan Eyeglass Loupe 5X (24MM)
L814147   7X Classic Eyeglass Clip-on Loupe   LELS15   Donegan Eyeglass Loupe 7X (24MM)
L814178   4X-7X Classic Eyeglass Clip-on Loupe   LELD2515   Donegan Eyeglass Loupe 4X-7X (24MM/25MM)
L814179   3X-5X Classic Eyeglass Clip-on Loupe   LELD352   Donegan Eyeglass Loupe 3X-5X (24MM/25MM)


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