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SMARTMag® and SMDedge Magnifier Trial Kits

LED technology keeps advancing – we think you will agree with us that the SMARTMag® magnifiers are the best LED magnifiers available.


Each kit includes:

  • One each of all 11 powers of either the SMARTmag® or SMDedge Hand-Held magnifiers (including the 3.5x Left-Handed)
  • One each of all 10 powers of the SMARTmag® or SMDedge LED Stand Magnifiers
  • Three extra 5x Hand-Held Magnifiers with warm white, yellow and teal LEDs
  • Five interchangeable Stand Handles: Three 8mm handles with warm white, yellow and teal LEDs + two 5mm handles in “classic” white and warm white LEDs
  • Batteries for all magnifiers
  • Includes Portable Carrying Case!
Magnifier Kit


Portable Carrying Case (Included)

mmagkit case

SMDedge Item #: MSMDKIT

Rolling 26" Suitcase

mmagkit rolling case

SMDedge Item #: MSMDKITR


Suggested OT Student Kits

Kits are based on either the SMARTmag® or SMDedge - We are happy to customize or develop a kit to meet your needs!


Student Optical Kit Contents

  • 4X Stand Magnifier
  • 12x teal LED or 12x SMD Stand Magnifier
  • 5X Hand-Held Magnifier
  • T520TS Mattingly 5X20 Monocular Telescope
  • TTVSPEC Mattingly 2X TVSpec
  • "AA" and "AAA" batteries for all included magnifiers

Student Non-Optical Kit Contents

  • HIMARKS Hi-Mark 3D Tactile Pen Orange
  • LOCDOTS Locator Dots
  • INFILA Infila Needle Threader
  • CARDS Super Jumbo Playing Cards
  • INDICATOR Liquid Level Indicator Buzzer
  • CHECK Check Writing Guide
  • SAFESHOT Safe Shot Syringe Loader


Mattingly Products => Magnifier Kit