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The Mattingly Wired Mouse CCTV

Order#:VM (Wired)

The Mattingly Wired Mouse CCTV is a powerful, portable, hand-held digital reading aid designed for people with low vision. The size of a computer mouse, it connects directly to any TV/monitor with video input in seconds, allowing you to read newspapers, magazines, recipe, cards and even medicine labels easily.


Compatible with any TV/Monitor with a RGB Video Input

Three (3) Viewing Modes:

  • Full Color
  • High-Contrast Positive (Black on White)
  • High-Contrast Negative (White on Black)

Seven (7) Levels of Digital Magnification:

  • 17.5x to 70x Digital Zoom on a 20" TV/Monitor
  • Larger TV/Monitor will Increase Level of Magnification

Other Features:

  • Ability to Freeze and De-Freeze current image
  • Unique Gliding Wheel Mechanism
  • Light Weight
  • Convenient & Ergonomic (feels like a computer mouse)
  • Easy to Use - Plug and Play

VM Wired image2

VM Wired image


The Mattingly SMART Portable Video Magnifier

Order #: VPVM

The Least Expensive, Most Feature Rich Video Magnifier On The Market Today!


  • Easy to use, lightweight, long-lasting rechargeable battery, 2 year warranty
  • 8 magnification levels from 2x to 15x
  • 4 viewing Modes – full color, black and white, high-contrast white on black and high-contrast black on white
  • Freeze-frame option
  • 4-step brightness and 4-step contrast adjustments
  • Unique, removable stand for steady focusing, which folds up under the magnifier for easy portability

Video Magnifier Accessories Included:

  • Wall power transformer and USB charging cord
  • Black velvet magnifier bag
  • Removable stand
  • Removable wrist carrying band
  • Cleaning Cloth

Technical Specifications:

  • 3.5” TFT LCD display screen
  • Display resolution – QVGA (320x240)
  • Lightweight (4 oz.)
  • Outside dimensions: L: 4.25”, H: 2.90”, W: .5”
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery – 3 hours +
  • 4 brightness levels, 4 contrast levels
  • 8 levels of magnification – 2x – 15x

VPVM image


Clover 3" Hand-Held Video Magnifier


The video magnifier designed for people on the go!



Clover-3 image

Clover 3" Specifications:

  • Sits flat on a table, and easily in a pocket
  • Simple 3 in 1 button (Zoom & Mode)
  • Quick return to True Color
  • Patented Eye-Protection Lighting System
  • 3.5" Screen
  • Magnification from 3.8x – 16x



Clover 5" Hand-Held Video Magnifier


(Additional Handle Order# VClover5Handle)

Get a crisp and clear image at any magnification, even with fast movements!



Clover 5" Specifications:

  • See more on the 5-inch widescreen LCD
  • Magnification range from 4x – 20x OR 3x –30x
  • Lightweight and portable design at 7oz with battery
  • Fantastic depth of focus to write under
  • Rechargeable battery that gives 4 hours of use
  • Integrated reading stand and optional handle (when folded under, handle allows for 25% greater field of view)
  • Can be connected to a TV

 Clover 5







Add the optional handle for increased comfort and useability

Clover 5 Handle 

Clover 7" HD Portable Video Magnifier


Larger screen for reading books, magazines, and newspapers!



Clover 7" HD Specifications:

  • Simple and stable to use with tactile operational buttons located on the housing (not on the side of the screen)
  • Near and far view capability
  • Magnification from 2.2x – 16x
  • 18 color contrast modes>
  • Lightweight and portable (15.9oz with battery)
  • Fast refresh rate and virtually no image ghosting
  • Reading lines and masks can be turned on or off as desired
  • Can be connected to a TV


 Clover 7 HD


Clover 10" HD Portable Video Magnifier


Large anti-glare display and 3 viewing modes for ultimate versatility!



Clover 10 Specifications:





Luna S Video Magnifier

Order #: VLunaS

"S" of the Luna S is for simple!


Luna S Specifications:

  • 4.3” TFT LCD display
  • Lightweight (7 oz.)
  • Outside dimensions: L: 6.3”, H: 3.15”, W: 0.94”
  • 3 Hours of continous use with a rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • True color, Greyscale, and 10 High Contrast color modes
  • Magnification from 2x all the way to 19x

Luna S Electronic Video Magnifier For Low Vision - Reading Newspaper 






Luna 6 Video Magnifier

Order #: VLuna6

Luna 6 is designed for comfortable reading!


Luna 6 Specifications: 

  • 6” HD display (1280 x 720p)
  • Lightweight (0.46 Lbs.)
  • 13 MP Camera with Auto-Focus
  • 5 Hours of continous use with a rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Magnification from 2.5x all the way to 19x
  • Wireless Charging for your convenience

zoomax luna 6 handheld electronic video magnifier for low vision reading the magazine with luna 6







Luna 8 Video Magnifier

Order #: VLuna8

Take Luna 8 anywhere you want to go: at home, the office, or to school!


Luna 8 Specifications: 

  • 8” HD display (1280 x 800p)
  • Lightweight (1.1 Lbs.)
  • Outside dimensions: L: 8.6”, H: 5.6”, W: 0.4”
  • 13 MP Camera with Auto-Focus
  • 8+ Hours of continous use with a rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Magnification from 2.5x all the way to 19x

Extreme Simplicity Luna 8 Gets Back To Basic - Zoomax Luna 8 Electronic Video Magnifier For Low Vision







Snow 12 Video Magnifier

Order #: VSnow12

Snow 12 delivers true independence for people with low vision!


Snow 12 Specifications: 

  • 12" HD display (1920 x 1080p)
  • 7 Magnification levels and 4 high contrast color modes
  • Touch screen + Analog sticks for easy use
  • Outside dimensions: L: 11.4”, H: 8.7”, W: 0.94”
  • 13 MP Camera with Auto-Focus
  • 2.5 Hours of continous use with a rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Magnification from 2.7x all the way to 19x  (2.5-19x with the stand)

Zoomax Snow 12 Portable Video Magnifier for Low Vision





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